The Beatles Museum of Kolya Vasin

Saint Petersburg, John Lennon st.
09 October 2019 19:00 p.m.
The Beatles music festival
Big gala The Beatles music festival
Place - Avrora concert hall
Day - 09 October, 2019, John Lennon`s birthday
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05 October 2019 13:00 p.m.
Abbey Roadъ st official opening ceremony
05 October, 2019 Big day in music history. This day 50 years ago the Abbey Road masterpiece was released.
From now on this day will be another significant moment for The Beatles community of Saint Petersburg, as now we have Abbey Roadъ st.
This is the second one official beatles related st in Saint Petersburg.
We already have John Lennon st to honor our love and commitment to the band.
Both are located on 10, Pushkinskaya st, Art-center, next to The Beatles Museum of Kolya Vasin.
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01 October 2019
Vitaly Sherbak exhibition
Vitaly Sherbak
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John Lennon st
Saint Petersburg
(53, Ligovsky prospect)
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